Set beauty and acting in a Satomi Ishihara in Harajuku, teach you to play the self

ihara can be described as beauty and acting coexist,
in Japan has a very high popularity of female artists.
Recently it is said that Satomi Ishihara occupies a corner of Japan Harajuku,
what happened? In order to further confirm the truth,
follow the village chief.
The intersection of the shrine,
you will see a big poster.
In that colorful display board,
there appeared Satomi Ishihara's gesture.
Only the part revealed in the cheek under the lens of Satomi Ishihara is as charming,
inexplicably to play Harajuku more people.
While eating soft sweets,
but also wonderful? Let's see how Ishihara Satominori works! The following figure is pedestrian self timer.
The 1.
group has and Michiru juice in speech / munching marshmallows and 2.
on the Zeta - and the fierce or fries.
Keep your mouth / s